Mirror for Roku App Reviews

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Works as intended

Works as advertised, great customer support

Awesome app for Roku!

I had trouble getting it started and reached out to the developers for help. They responded right away and helped me get it sorted out and now the app is working great!

Not enough support. Cannot get the audio to work.

I contacted the customer support because I could not get the audio to work, after paying for the app. I was asked to update to the 2.4 version of the app, when the one available at the time of writing this review is 2.3. I haven’t got neither any support or refund for this. And I just cannot get my audio to work once it is connected to the TV.

Finally I can mirror my Mac screen to my TV

This app fixes a long standing frustration that I’ve had with the Roku. I’ve always wanted to be able to mirror my laptop screen onto my TV to show pictures, slideshows, etc and until recently, I haven’t been able to do it. I have streamed both static pictures, slideshows and movies from various websites using this app. Both the screen and audio streamed perfectly. It was worth the money for me.

Buyer Beware ! I want a refund!!!!!!!!

It does not stream. if you plan on using this to watch movies or videos on your tv from your mac dont buy this ! it its choppy, freezes, and buffers way too slow to watch anything.

Does not work Very well

Got this app with the hopes of not having to purchased a Apple TV so I could display my MacBook Pro on my new TCL Roku TV. Please save your money and dont buy this app. it is a complete waste of money. Constant buffering, crashes ad general instability make this app useless. Mind you this is on a brand new 15 inch 2018 MBP. The network is not the issue either as I have a Asus AC5300 and no network saturation. Save your money and instead get an Apple TV the Airplay feature works great!

Very Disappointed !!!

This app fails to remain connected, yes I contacted support, got pretty much a form letter response, I am running latest MacOS High Sierra, fully updated, latest version of this App and fully updated Roku Ultra with the Mirror for Roku channel. I have a solid wifi conntection from my MacBook Pro retina to my router and the Roku is connected via 6 foot ethernet cable. I don’t know what to do to keep it connected and support is not help either. As it is, I would like a refund, it is useless.



Very Useful But Understand That It Has Limits

This is a useful Roku feature but it has limits. First, the good stuff. I have over a dozen TV’s in my house and the Roku has proven to be a very cost effective way to get good content to all of those TV's. The fact that the Roku has the ability to mirror/stream material from my Mac is a bonus. Second, it’s relatively easy to set up the Mirror app and while it’s not as smooth as Apple Airplay or mirroring to an Apple TV, it is much less expensive than an Apple TV so I’m not complaining. Now the primary limitation. There is considerable lag in streaming and mirroring from your Mac to the Roku through this app. I estimate about 4 seconds lag and I have a very solid network connection. This is definitely not a viable solution if you need your Mac (audio or video) and the TV (audio or video) in sync (e.g. if you’re presenting something). If you don’t need your Mac and TV (audio/video) in perfect sync, however, this is a good way (and an inexpensive way) to stream/mirror video to a TV screen. I have, for instance, used this app to seamlessly stream security camera footage (audio and video) to multiple TVs around the house. It’s not of the quality of solutions such as Control4, but it is much less expensive and truly does get the job done. My 4 rating is based on the fact that it does what I need it to do but if you’re looking for a streaming solution that keeps everything in sync (e.g. if you’re planning to use this to make presentations), don’t waste your time with this.

Does not work with iTunes movies

ETA - to the developer that responded—as I stated, you should mention this FIRST in your description for the app. This does NOT work with iTunes movies. This should be stated FIRST as it’s the ONLY reason I paid 9.99 for the app - an app that says it is great for MOVIES and doesn’t work with Apple’s main source for movies. What a waste.

worked good no more wires

I have just started using mac computer after buying a mid 2009 macbok. have always watch movies on my pc laptop via HDMI, but the macbook i got does not haved it only display port. I found a cheep connector on amazon but it does not always stay connected found this app and it has worked good so far with only a few time disconnecting in the middle of a movie. it also will not detect my other tv, and both of them are TCL roku tv. I was worth the 9.99 and hope that they keep adding option to the app to improve things like setting option and tech support.

Saved me from regret

When I purchased my Roku, I did so with the assumption that mirroring my Mac screen was going to be one of the things it just did. I was disappointed to find out it didn’t, almost to the point of wanting to return and buy something else. But I did a little research and found this app. Once you also download the audio drivers to be able to stream audio through the tv, this app is a Godsend. I watched an entire movie last night via the Starz site on my TV, which I’ve never been able to do before, and it was crystal clear in video and audio quality. The slight lag between computer and TV display could be a little annoying if you were trying to use it to give a presentation or something, but the fact is it works perfectly for what I need it for, and i couldn’t be happier!

Audio not casted to the tv

There’s a lag between mac and the tv for video. But the worst part is the audio is playing via the mac. So, can’t watch the video on the tv because of the lag in the video while the audio comes from the mac. Wasted money.

Not ready for prime-time! SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

This app besides being extremely overpriced is horrible. After one week I have not been able to stream any content without constant issues. This company should be ashamed of themselves for releasing this product. Save your money and don’t believe the reviews that say it is awesome….they have no doubt been posted by those who have some connection to the company.

AirBeam Drivers Destroyed My Computer

I installed AirBeamTV drivers in order to transmit the necessary audio. Upon restarting my computer after the installation process my computer would boot fine but none of my apps would work. Not even system prefences. Even going into my library and deleting the driver didn’t fix the damge done. I had to do a time machine restore. My MacBook Pro had been working perfectly fine right up until the driver install. Aside from that happening, before I installed the drivers the lag was HORRIBLE, at least a full 30seconds. Not a viable mirroring option.

One week only

The app worked great at first but like many of the reviews stated, it only worked for one week. I tried redownloading the app on both my roku and computer and nothing works. Waste of $10 unless you just need it a few times.

Does a good job

The streaming works well on my Roku 3 and MacBook Pro. There are a few of things I would like to see improved: 1) when mirroring an individual application window instead of the whole monitor the streaming quality seems to be worse. 2) I would prefer not to run the stream in “Scale Display to Fit the TV Screen” mode because it changes the aspect ratio to fit the TV, but if I don’t then there is strange white lines in the empty space on the sides of the window. Why can’t this be made black? 3) when I stop streaming the audio driver doesn’t automatically change back to my internal speakers.

Works well for me

So far the only drawback for me has been that I have to restart the app on my computer every time I want to use it, or else I would have given it 5 stars. Other than that, it works pretty well and mirrors my Mac screen beautifully.

Doesn’t work no refund

DON’T Download! I have followed the procedures correctly. For ten dollars you think an app would work. Dissappointing I did not recieve and support from the developer.

Works good!

THere is a bit of a lag for me, however there is an option to “Enable Sound on TV” which is really useful. I give it 5 stars

it works

its just annoying how theres a three to five second lag. I havent figured out how to make the sound just play on my tv, rather than just my laptop.

Does what it says

Works for me, no problems.

~ Works great ! ~

All : posted 18.03.11 18:35 HST ≠ Hardware Overview: Model Name:MacBook Pro Model Identifier:MacBookPro5,2 Processor Name:Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed:2.8 GHz Number of Processors:1 Total Number of Cores:2 L2 Cache:6 MB Memory:8 GB Bus Speed:1.07 GHz Running : System Software Overview: System Version:OS X 10.11.6 (15G19009) Kernel Version:Darwin 15.6.0 Boot Volume:Macintosh SSD Boot Mode:Normal Computer Name:2 0 1 8 Dosh User Name:dr dosh (drdosh) Secure Virtual Memory:Enabled System Integrity Protection:Enabled 17” diagonal display . Works just as advertised . E x c e l l e nt technical support and nice price . .if you like this program \ application you might also like my friend Bill Mossett’s Road Trip Planner, also . Available only on the MacOS ® and iOS ® operating systems /s an Apple Seed ® developer since last century • :) 💕 Congratulations

Works like a charm

Works like a charm! A couple things I learned that might help you get started: 1) There are two ways to purchase — via the developer’s website and via the App Store. If you puchase via the App Store, you do NOT need an activation code. Do this: delete (and empty trash) any earlier or trial versions. Then download your purchase via the App Store. That way, you won’t be asked for an activaction code. 2) If you have more than one Roku device in your home, be sure you check the Roku you want to use in the app’s drop-down menu. And of course, that Roku needs to be subscribed to the Mirror for Roku channel. 3) Be sure your Mac and the Roku are on the same wifi network. If your Mac is connected to the coffeeshop next door it’s not going to work. Also be aware that there’s a buffering function that cannot be avoided. It’s part of how the system functions. If you’re mirroring your Mac screen, the image on Roku will be several seconds behind any mouse moves or clicks. If you’re watching a video file, once the file gets past the buffer and starts playing, it plays fine with no lags, stutters, pauses or lip-sync issues. In my experiments so far, using the Roku remote to control movie playback is less than perfect but that’s a very minor quibble. I purchased this app exclusively to watch movies and am very pleased.


This does not work well at all for macs, the moirring is extremely delayed and very bad quality. You have to download a seperate link to get any audio. I would not recommend and I want my money back.

Does exactly what it says

I wanted an app to play videos from my 2016 MacBook pro to my TCL Roku TV. This does it. Just like Airplay- well, not as transparent, but it works and that’s all I ask. Setup was easy as can be. Both on the Mac and the Roku.

No Good!

I did everything it say’s to do. Nothing works for it. I even try to get some one to help me and there was no luck on that also. so i am just going to take it off the computer and the tv and be done with it. I would not even mess with the Trail because just for like 3mins what is up with that. should be for 30days or something like that but in the end the app did not work and i have moved on to something different.

Great solution to wireless screencasting to my Roku

I was looking for a simple solution to my screencasting situation, as I needed to get my digital files on my TV. Mirror for Roku was easy to set up and the support team has been very responsive on Facebook for the questions I have had. Best $10 I could have spent and cheaper than cables!

Does what is says

I had to wait for 2.2 to get to The AppStore but it worked out. I’d recommend it to any Mac Desktop user that needs to do casting to a Roku device. 5 star Service, so 5 star rating.

It works like a charm!!!

I have a mid-2009 macbook pro that doesn’t work with the adapter that is compatible with newer MPB’s. So, I thought streaming to my TCL RokuTv would not be possible. I stumbled across this app with doubts it would work. But, to my my surprise, it works flawlessly. I highly recommend this app for people who have older MBP’s like mine and want to stream to thier smart Roku devices. Customer service is just as outstanding as their product. Thumbs up! Mikey

Glad this is available

Works well so far - easy to set up and use. It’s cheaper than an HDMI cable to do the same thing in terms of seeing my Mac on the big screen. Glad this is available!

Don’t buy this.

It doesn’t work, app always says “idle” and never connects to Roku. And Apple won’t refund your money allowing this third party to steal from their customers.

Good App

I’ve had the app for a few weeks and it works great. Restart your computer if it doesn’t stream. I use a 2nd gen macbook pro.

Worked for 1 month

This app worked for about 1 month with minimal issues. There was some lag time due to buffering (it needed to buffer probably every 5 minutes or so). After 1 month, it will not connect to my tv. It says “currently idle” and will not mirror video or sound anymore. Not worth it.


I literally only bought this to play Apple Movies and now I lost $10

Does not work at all

I would like a refund for my purchase this does not work at all and I have tried everything.

Love this app

Hi, Everythis is great about this app! This app is very cost effective; you can cast your laptop to the screen. WHen you think about the price of this app versus how much you’d have to pay for Apple TV, the app pretty much pays for itself.. I especially like that there was not that much of a lag time. It was easy to set up—there was a Youtube video, if you’re not a techie. Perhaps best of all is the great customer service. I had a customer service issue, emailed the developers, and got a response within 24 hours.


Why can I not watch any videos from my ITUNES video library? Everything is just a grey screen. Very frustrating, and waste of 10 dollars

Almost perfect

i wish the video player would support subtitles! Old people, hard of hearing folks, watching foreign movies, lot’s of people like to watch with subtitles:)


The app is crashing every time I try to open it. This is even after the latest update.

Sharp - RoKu

Got the 50” Sharp - Ruko TV plus the RuKo app for my iPhone 8 plus (running IOS 11.0.2) and my Macbook Pro ( running OS 10.13) and all I can say is fantastic, They all play well together, their might be a 4 sec delay but the video looks great and there is sound also. If you have a Mac and iPhone and want to see your video or picts on a big screen then check out this TV ( Best Buy )

Loving it

Ive been looking for a way to get my workouts mirrored to the tv rather than just on the small screen of the laptop. Im loving this and so glad i found it !!

Works Well

This program worked well for about a week then it crashed and I couldn’t get it to run again. Error: Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSRangeException. After 10 days, I installed it again and it crashed again during the first movie (Quicktime) with the same error. I have two Apple crash reports. :-( After installing version 2.1.5, my problem disappeared. My 2 hour video completed without error. Mirroring my desktop for 1 hour completed without error.

After last update, works properly most of the time

Works flawlessly most of the time, save for a bit of buffering every now and again. one of the best options to stream to Roku for sure though.


I just bought this. Is no where near real time. Demoing a website for a client and it was at least 15-20 seconds behind my mac. Tried the video stream and it crashed. Wish there was a way to get refunded.

Works Great. Thanks for bringing my iMac to the Roku!

Does exactly what was advertised. Thank you so much for your good work.

Mirror for Roku

Getting this running with my Roku was pretty straightforward. You do have to be careful to install the audio driver to get the Airbeam TV Audio device installed as a audio preference. I did have to reboot the Roku and my Mac to get sound and video working correctly. Once that was done everything seems to be working quite well.

Significant lag

The mirroring works, but there is significant time-lag.

Mirror for Roku

9-3-17 The program mirrored for about 5 min then quit and only got the channel screen on Roku television set. Never got sound to work ….. could not copy link… nothing happened except the menu panel closed. The cost of this program $9.99 is tantmont to …… I am looking for a real program that works and just lost $10 on this one

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